Comprehensive chemical and solvent supply chain management

Capability to manage supply from suppliers to customers with integrated distribution infrastructure & facility and with exclusive products & premium services.


Door-to-door delivery for both large and small quantities of chemicals to customers to support their inventory managements.


Ability to provide repacking services to support large and small quantity as per customers' requirement.

Warehouse services

Capability to store and stock products for customers and provide stock management for daily delivery to a long term delivery.

Chemical laboratory

Well equipped chemical laboratory and experienced chemists; thus possess in-depth knowledge and understanding to assist the customers in developing innovative compound, lab testing services, and pragmatically commercializing the products.

Customized products

Ability to tailor, blend and adjust products to customer's specific needs supported by well equipped with extensive knowledge and experiences.


With extensive connection with suppliers; thus, possess capability to secure products from around the world for customers.

Waste management services

Ability to assist customers in reducing, eliminating, or managing hazardous chemical wastes.

Legal licenses and permits

Ability to assist customers in acquiring government licenses and specific permits.